So its been a while since I wrote there - I managed my 1 entry a week challenge what, 2 weeks?

I really want to say that I am going to pick up this blogging thing again, but that just isn't something that i can promise. I will try however.

This post mostly comes from a desire to just type something out. I have yet to just type a solid amount of text after getting my new keyboard. I suppose that means I could just use this post to write a review of the keyboard. Well, that would not quite work either as I would much prefer for review to be an item of its own. I feel that a review piece should be something that can be read without having to navigate the type of dribble that these "addressing the audience" pieces are.

Oh, the keyboard in question is a WASD Keyboards CODE Clear.

While I won't promise anything I think I will in fact make a serious effort to write something here - I won't say once a week - but I will try and average out to about a post or two a week.


So recently I have found my self doing all sorts of things. I have spent more time working on EVE related projects - particularly EVEthing, though I also still have a few other projects here and there, such as my EVE Toolkit (github) tools.

I have also spent a bit of time working on my [Versioning] CharSheet]vcs (github) project - though not nearly as much time as it deserves. Also, I don't think the GitHub repository for this is quite up to date.

There was also AVCon again recently, which I somehow managed to find myself helping out for again this year. That was a thoroughly exhausting though extremely fun weekend. And I am happy to say, non of the things I was responsible for broke, which made for a very different AVCon for me.


So as I am previewing this article to revise it, I am noticing that there are a few minor changes I need to make to the blog layout - primaraly I need to better distinguish the difference between the header text for an entry (author, dates, categories) and the body text of the blog. I have a few ideas on how to do this and it should be quite easy - I just need to remember to do it. You know whet - this sort of thing happens often enough (noticing something that needs doing/fixing) that I am just going to bite the bullet and start forcing myself to keep lists of this stuff in Google Keep. While I am at it I will add a few ideas I have had for future entries while writing this one.

Also, I really need to stop looking at the word count while writing these things. It either makes the entry feel too short, or too long. What I should be going for is the length the article deserves.