So I have finally found the time and effort to recover and revive my blog.

And with that comes a change in hosting technology. As is pretty much custom at this stage.

One of the main differences is that this time I have used far more off the shelf components than any previous incarnation of this blog. Another that it is all static this time. But, no I have not elected to write a whole pile of HTML - or started using some kind of WYSIWYG site builder.

This time arround I have decided to go with a Static Site Generator - in partiuclar Zola. This coupled with nginx for actually doing the whole HTTP thing, git for versioning, a Raspberry Pi 4 as the host system, and for good measure Kubernetes for... overkill?

Shortly I will write up a blog article on my adventures developing the helm chart I developed for this purpose, and the the fun unexpected side journeys that I ran into there thanks to the RasPi being arm64.

So yeah, for now - welcome back! I expect I shall shortly start ignoring this just as I have done every other time in the past.