So, ever since I first got into coding, and probably even before, I have had some form of website. This website has almost always featured some from of blog component. The blog component started out as being there because it was just The Done Thing (tm) for personal websites. Over the years I have posted various things to my various blogs - ranging from treating it a like a diary during my teenage years (I think i have successfully purged these from the internet) thought to more recently treating it as a public note board - a place I can post things I don't use often but will probably need later.

The only unifying fact about most of my blogs over the years is the infrequency of the posts to them. I often start out with good intentions - I will post some form of content on something resembling a regular basis. Skip to now, and we can see that the most recent post before this one was almost 2 years ago.

My outlook on life has changed somewhat in those past years - and one thing that I have been thinking more and more recently is that I am just not writing at all any more. That is not to say I am not coding - no I have quite a few interesting projects in the works. Nor does it mean that I have given up text communication in general, I probably put more words every day into various chat programs than go into the various text editors I use.

This lead me somewhat to wander why I had stopped writing. I like to think that I enjoyed writing tasks during school even if I was horrible at getting them done. One of the few regrets I have about my time in high school is not having done English in year 12. So why is it that I had stopped writing? Looking back, I have to guess that I never gave myself a good reason to write.

That is where my 'Entry a week' challenge comes in.

I want to write at least one blog entry every week.

At this stage I have no idea what these entries will be, or what they will contain. That said I can be fairly that they will not contain much personal stuff.

Think that I think are likely at this stage are:

  • New coding ideas I have discovered this week
  • Projects I am currently working on
  • Book and movie reviews (or at least my opinions on the books and movies)
  • My thoughts on interesting articles or content found elsewhere on the internet
  • Given my current interest in EVE Online, there will probably be some EVE Online related content also

One thing I am very not doing, is writing for any particular audience. I am writing here primarily to keep myself in practice when it comes to writing. If you enjoy the content here, that is a lucky bonus.